Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Luke's Lobster

Friday night we trekked down to the East Village for lobster rolls from Luke's.  This tiny joint delivers some of the best fresh seafood I've had in NYC.  There's also one on the UES and I hear they deliver!

East Village
93 E. 7th St.
Upper East Side
242 E. 81st St.

Two lobster rolls, two sodas, and chips.  They even have crab claws, my favorite.
Katelyn tried the crab roll.
Look at those meaty lobster claws!

The moon pies are not from Luke's.  After we ate, we stopped by a friend's party for her roommate.  They are both from the south so moon pies, which hail from Chattanooga were appropriately the cake!

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Katelyn said...

One of the best meals EVER!